Harlekin is an active country rock band, which comes from the Malvik / Stjørdals area in Trøndelag. Harlekin has its roots from the village and presents tough country with Norwegian texts. The band has performed at various country festivals and dance venues around the country, and is now fully investing in releases of new songs. In 2019, they released their first album "I Andre Rekke". The album has over 5,5 million streams, and the band has an ever growing audience. A dedicated band that spends a lot of time in the rehearsal room / studio and writing new songs. With over 30 jobs a year, they are on the road a lot and thrive best on stage in front of a festive audience. Harlekin is: Tore Rønsåsbjørg - Vocal, guitar Vegard Fossen - Guitar / steel guitar, chorus Håvard Wenås - Keys, choir Per Arne Dahl - Drums Rdvin Matthieson - Bass, chorus Roy Betten - Acoustic Guitars, Chorus